Guidelines & Policies

The following guidelines and policies are for the benefit of all Doggie Lama guests. We appreciate your cooperation in complying with all of the stated guidelines and policies to ensure the health and safety of all who depend on Doggie Lama for excellent service.


All dogs must have a completed approved application and signed Waiver of Liability and Medical Power of Attorney on file. Provide proof from a veterinarian that all required vaccinations and treatments are current. These are to include Rabies, DHPP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus) and Bordatella(kennel cough). Additionally owners must submit a negative fecal float and or Giardia test conducted within the last 60 days and spay or neuter certificate. Also required is proof of some form of active flea prevention treatment. You can provide these documents or have your vet send via email.

If you are travelling-please provide a detailed itinerary including flights, accommodations and any other critical information that may be useful.


Doggie Lama requires that every dog must be well socialized and non-aggressive and non-food or toy protective. Pet parents must certify that their dog has never caused harm to another human or other animal. . Doggie Lama also reserves the right to remove and contain any dog for other behavioral issues including excessive barking, eating of feces, lack of response to corrections and any other behaviors which are deemed to be a potential safety issue. Each dog must complete a Sniff & Wag© – a temperament and compatibility evaluation. Please call or email to schedule your appointment.

Pick Up and Drop Off Safety

Doggie Lama requires that all dogs must be brought onto the premises leashed and be under the owner’s control until checked-in. Your dog must be wearing a quick release collar with a nametag. No pinch, choke, beaded or studded collars are allowed. Owners must provide written authorization to allow anyone else to pick-up their dog. These individuals are required to present valid picture identification.


All dogs must be healthy, free of fleas and communicable illnesses, have a current Veterinarian, be up to date on all vaccinations, exams and prevention and have required supporting documentation. Doggie Lama will not accept any animals with contagious conditions. If any dog is found to have symptoms of communicable disease at time of service Doggie Lama has the right to refuse service and payment for service will be forfeited unless presented with a Veterinarian’s note stating that the condition has been treated and that the pet is no longer contagious. If your dog has phobias or any particular triggers please include detailed descriptions on your application. Additionally does your dog enjoy riding in the car and if not-is car-sickness an issue. Please let us know if your dog has difficulty with stairs.


Doggie Lama will administer any oral or topical medications which your dog may need during their stay. All medications must be in the original container with a prescription label that clearly states dosages, medication name, veterinarian’s name and contact information. Medications which are complicated or difficult to administer may incur additional charges.

Personal Belongings and Feeding

Doggie Lama welcomes you to bring personal items with you for your dog for day care or an overnight boarding visit. Personal items are considered to be toys, beds and blankets. Although every effort will be made to return all items in the same condition as they were delivered-this is not guaranteed and Doggie Lama will not be held responsible. Please bring your dog’s own food and treats in order to prevent any stomach upset. Please advise Doggie Lama if you would prefer your dog not to be given treats other than his/her own.  Doggie Lama can supply food and water dishes or you may bring your own.


Doggie Lama accepts credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) for services rendered. We require that a credit card be kept on file for all day care and boarding appointments and we reserve the right to make charges on the card for medical emergencies and any services rendered if payment is not made in a timely manner.


Doggie Lama offers a half-hour grace period for pick-up unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed via email, phone or text. If a dog is not picked up within this time frame, he/she may be boarded overnight with service fee incurred.


Owners understand that dog’s behavior can be unpredictable. Even though all dogs accepted at Doggie Lama have taken a sniff and wag evaluation – unusual circumstances may lead to overly aggressive behavior. Owners are aware of this potential risk and assume all risks.


The policies and guidelines at Doggie Lama are subject to change. Although Doggie Lama will make every effort to keep all clients up to date on any changes, it is ultimately the responsibility of all owners to check our website regularly to be fully current.


If Doggie Lama is providing pet taxi service, please provide a copy of your house key. Please do not leave your key in an unsecured location. Your house key will be retained by Doggie Lama until notification is given that services are no longer being rendered. Key exchange may be made at time of last service.